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We want to thank you for choosing such a great way to donate your hard earned money, which will be used for research into this disease as well as provide resources and information for the public.  Moneys donated will be used to help so many people who suffer, familys who support them, educational facilities such as medical research departments.

All money will stay in Canada and be divided equally as to where it is spent for these resources. If you have questions contact us at

You can mail donations to:

c/o National Sarcoidosis Organization

RR#1, Sundre, AB. Canada, T0M 1X0


Thank you for making a brighter future for Sarcoidosis in Canada.

We are incorporated in Canada and registered through Canada Revenue Agency. Please contact us to receive a tax reciept for your donation.


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Sarcoidosis not only needs research for answers and a cure it also needs awareness to the public and patients. In order to get our brouchures across Canada into facilities and for the public to see, we need to raise over $10,000.00. Please help this holiday season by giving Canadians with sarcoidosis a chance to inform others by donating to the NSO.

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