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Melany Sealy
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There are so many ways that sarcoidosis affects people and each story is different yet offers a great amount of information to others who are dealing with similar things. Have you been diagnosed with sarcoidosis which has involved your eyes and how are you being treated? Sarcoidosis is a complex and very frustrating disease as known to many, and that leads to challanges both with diagnosis and treatments.

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Kathy Speakman
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Hi Melany...I am from Queensland Australia and have only just been diagnosed sith sarcoidosis. The first finding was in both my eyes after I complained to my optometrist about difficulties driving at night and that my sight had become hazy and had a "smoky" effect. He thought he saw something that looked "wrong" so sent me to an opthamologist. Only a couple of days ago I had a CT scan of my chest which has confirmed I have sarcoidosis in my lungs as well. My journey has only just started and I am still "joining the dots" with my random symptoms that are all adding up now. Feeling quite scared and bewildered. Have no idea what is in store for me now.

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Hi Kathy,

I'm wondering what has happened since your last post.  Did you have treatment for your eyes?  I've had sarcoid for a few years now - lungs and joints have been affected.  Seems it's now affecting my optic nerve. 

Thanks,   Suzanne

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